A world where everyone is endowed to find hope in humanity


our mission

We empower marginalized groups and communities to discover their full human potentials to enable them claim their rights and contribute meaningfully to their communities in a way that is sustainable.



Who we are

Future Focus Foundation (FFF) is a strong, proven and registered indigenous organization working with deprived communities to bring hope to children, young people and women in a way that is sustainable. Future Focus Foundation is identified by a unique symbol otherwise known as its “Logo”.

Our target group

Future Focus Foundation is primarily focused on working with and for children and young people particularly the most vulnerable children who have particular care needs and are at risk of harm and abuse including children with disabilities. FFF also works with families, community structures, stakeholders, and relevant partners, to ensure that marginalized children and young people are well protected.

Our geographical scope

Future Focus Foundation works in Eastern and Southern Sierra Leone; with communities where marginalization against children, young people and women is highly visible.


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We work in respect of what we stand for

Our work is guided by principles and policies which we thrive to always uphold. This means that, achieving our organisational goal takes precedence over any personal interest.



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We are committed to an open-door policy

We believe that decisions should be rational and clear, based on objectivity. This means that we maintain constant dialogue with people we work with and work for.  We share correct information on our activities, our funding sources and how we expend them, maintaining clear rules and regulations.

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We are guided by the principle of equality and Non-Discrimination

In all our work, we ensure respect for everybody we work with and for, regardless of gender, disability, and other statuses. This means that we are committed to putting children and young people’s issues at the core of all our work without discrimination.

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We are committed to working with others

We believe that improving children and young peoples’ wellbeing is better achieved through cooperation rather than competition. This means that we build alliances and partnerships with organizations that share our values and contribute to making impact of our work on the lives of children and young people.

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We are membership-driven

We work with and for people who help us define our priorities and enable us to achieve our goals. This means that we ensure the inclusion and involvement of all in a transparent and accountable manner.

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We want the voices of children and young people to be heard

In all our work, we seek to listen to, respect, and take account of the views and opinions of children, young people, and their families as well as those of people who are working with, and caring for them. This means that, we promote ways in which children and young people’s voices are heard and taken seriously in decisions that affect them.



Strategic Aims

Future Focus Foundation aimed at creating an enabling environment for marginalised and vulnerable persons and groups (especially children and their families) to be able to voice out their opinions, stand for their rights and work towards the improvement of their status and contribute meaningfully to the development of their communities through rights-based approach.

Strategic Objectives

To mobilise resources to improve the wellbeing of vulnerable and marginalized children and young people through Education and Community Based Protection Programmes (CBPPs).

To strengthen deprived communities with livelihood initiatives through entrepreneur ship and other business schemes to support the well-being of children and young people.

To strengthen the organizational development through learning and programming on child protection, financial management, fundraising, disability, and inclusion


Over the next five years, FFF will focus on interrelated strategic priorities, seeking to implement them in a coherent and complementary way.  These priorities are categorized under four core components which include: Education, Protection, Livelihood and Organization Development. Each component highlights specific needs, targets and how these can be addressed over the coming years.

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We are keen on promoting access to equitable and quality education for children and young people; providing learning opportunities that are free from harm and abuse.

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Education is every child’s right. The children of uneducated mothers are more likely to die in infancy than those whose mothers can read. An uneducated population has fewer opportunities to have a say in the decision making about their community’s development. In rural communities, most learning environments are not conducive (schools are accommodated in makeshift or dilapidated structures. However, Schools are also not built through construction or rehabilitation alone. Local teachers in most of the schools are not trained to national curricular standards, salary payment preferably by local government is often nonexistent, and the issue of school fees, is an ongoing obstacle to poor children.

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We strengthen capacities of children, young people, and communities to protect, prevent and respond to all forms of violence against especially marginalized children

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Child protection is one of our strategic priorities for the coming years. We recognize that communities, families and children themselves are an integral part of any effective child protection system. This means that, effective child protection requires community members and leaders to be aware of and committed to children’s right to protection, while involving the children themselves in the process.

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We create opportunities for youth and women to gain the skills that they need to secure dignified economic employment and income for themselves and their families.

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In rural communities, families are often destitute and unable to provide life’s basic needs for their children. A stable family income improves children’s prospects for healthy mental and physical development by providing them with easier access to food, shelter, health services and education. Young people especially young mothers are particularly vulnerable, because without a means of earning a living, the range of positive options narrows significantly. The Livelihoods priority is to help young people, their families and communities earn a living and become economically empowered and food secured.

Our Livelihood interventions have been most successful in previous projects where over 300 rural women, 50 young mothers and their families are now out of the absolute poverty bracket following our skills training and Group Savings and Credit Schemes program supported by Child Hope UK and Tools For Self-Reliance (TFSR)

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We strengthen overall governance and other management structures including transparency and accountability mechanism across the organization with clearly defined roles.

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 Future Focus Foundation has a formidable governance structure known as “Board of Trustees”. It consists of 7 members from public and third sector backgrounds with a female chairperson who is also a child protection expert. The National Team Leader (Director) is the Secretary to the Board. Board members have diverse expertise: social work, gender activism, local governance, traditional leadership, NGOs and education. The board meets quarterly to review strategic decisions and support the management team in the execution of their work.

 Future Focus Foundation must be modeled around its strategic choices to ensure adequate investment in the ongoing development of a transparent and accountable organization. Therefore, to add more value, the Board will be organized into committees identified as most crucial to Future Focus Foundation ongoing programme delivery and future development.


We are a learning organization, we ensure maximum efficiency & effectiveness in the use of our resources to make impact in our work, while we endeavor to improve on our challenges. This means that we continuously monitor and evaluate what we do and strive for excellence in all our work.


This strategic plan has been developed with the objective of delivering the mission of Future Focus Foundation by the efficient and effective use of its human and financial resources to achieve maximum impact. Here are a few:

Foundation Institute for gender empowerment

Fully Functional Vocational Institute Built

Including classrooms and staff – that has empowered 300 + youths with skills trained in market – demand skills including Digital Literacy, Tailoring, Dying, Weaving, Hairdressing, Welding, Carpentry and Hand-Craft supporting them with tools to start off at the end of their graduation

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3 Classroom Modern School Built with Toilet Blocks

Through our inclusive education intervention programme, 360 rural children whose quality of education was compromised by inadequate learning environment have been provided with improved learning facilities

3K +

Children facing Injustice including those with disabilities has been provided access to safe & conducive learning environment


Marginalized children at a risk of dropping out of school were provided with school support-bursaries/uniforms, books/bags


Sch management structures strengthened to monitor & support quality education, enrolment & retention.


Primary school teachers  supported to improve capacity for quality service delivery through distance learning